Boss Box Founders

Boss Box Founders

Boss Box Founders

The first seed of the Boss Box idea was formed in January 2019 when one of the founders (Charlie) was shown a simple website, built by one of his friends, for his children, to show the house cleaning service they were offering.

It was simple, a home page photo, of two children, holding cleaning equipment and their price list per hour.

The idea was formed, at that moment, all children love having little business.

Charlie remembered the little businesses he had, catching fish in the local marina and knocking on the doors of visiting boats to push a sale. It reminded him of his sister’s pedicure and dog grooming businesses.

Children have a natural propensity to creative business building, this should, must, be encouraged and pushed into the 21st century.

Charlie sketched out a business plan and started to think of how this progressive, educational brand might look.

The last piece of the jigsaw fell into place when the other founding partner (also a Charlie) joined the operation to bring the bright, artistic, creative flare that the Boss Box brand needed to bring it to life.

Boss Box has been created by… a right pair of Charlies