Educational Approach

Boss Box enables children to try, fail, and try again, showing that tenacity and perseverance are at the heart of the entrepreneurial skill set.

Through the enjoyment of making, packaging, and selling; children will build greater confidence and assurance in their abilities.

Subliminally, all children have natural entrepreneurial instincts; it's how they tackle the world.

Boss Box provides fun and enjoyment in a unique way that utilises those ‘innate capabilities’ to help young children grasp the fundamentals of business.

The ability to listen, understand, and make corresponding plans are core empathetic life skills. Developing these foundations early gives children a fuller understanding of how to make the best of the world around them.

Boss Box presents business in a bright, artistic, and creative way, that brings it to life and will stay with them forever. 

"I wish something like this existed when I was young!"

Sarah Brazier-Creagh
Child Psychologist, mother of two, Dorset