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 Sample Press Release

Little Businesses for Little People
The gift of entrepreneurship is putting extra magic into the Christmas market

“I wish something like this existed when I was young”.

This was the very first thing the founders of Boss Box heard at the launch of their new product; and precisely the reason Boss Box was created, to inspire young entrepreneurs.

The idea is simple; by teaching children the basic skills of entrepreneurship at a young age it provides the creativity, empathy, and passion to improve their ability to become business starters and possibly future leaders.

The founders explain:

‘Everything is included in a Boss Box for a child to start their own ‘little business’ in a matter of hours.

Our Boss Box manual provides a step-by-step path in the understanding and encouragement of this concept, creating the first sparks of entrepreneurship.

We aim to provide children with the earliest insights into the principle of business, a subject that has historically been presented in a boring, inaccessible manner.

A clear introduction to entrepreneurship is essential; not catered for in the school syllabus or other educational games. The earlier we can present the concept of ‘seller’ or ‘shop-keeper’ into ‘role-play’, the sooner children are familiarised with this idea; igniting the first sparks of business and what it means.

Through our developmental workshop, we observed children initially struggling with the concept of ‘shop-keeper’, how to communicate what they were selling, and how to behave and present themselves in that situation.

Once grasped, they immediately enjoyed and valued the role-play. Surprisingly, they join up the dots very rapidly to see the wider commercial-stage we all live within. This is a wonderful life lesson we are fortunate enough to help develop.

By enjoying the ‘make, package, and sell’ process, children build greater confidence and assurance in their abilities. Subliminally, all children have natural entrepreneurial instincts; it's how they tackle the world. Boss Box provides fun and enjoyment in a unique way that utilises those ‘innate capabilities’ to help children grasp the fundamentals of business.

The more children use their creativity, the stronger and more productive it becomes. We hope Boss Box will create new ideas, establish new perspectives, and push boundaries for children in a vital area of learning in which surprisingly there is nothing like this product.’

Currently, our range of Boss Box Business Creation Kits to ‘make, package, and sell’ are:

Cake Pop

Dog Treat
Bath Bomb

The contents of each kit can be found at www.bossbox.co

The gift of entrepreneurship certainly makes for an original Christmas present and there are more ‘make’ products planned for 2021.