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Getting Boss Box out into the world and inspiring as many young entrepreneurs as possible is our mission.

BOSS BOX brings fantastic, original, online, and physical shop presence. Whether you are a chain store or independent we’d love to hear from you:

Gift shop
Toy shop
Department store
Educational supplier
Stationery and gift cards supplier
Speciality retailer

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Kidpreneur - Boss Box ‘Commercial Matrix Detail’ is available to help you evaluate margins and shipping.

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Marketing Information

Boss Box teaches children the early learning skills needed for future success.

A ‘one-stop’ product to inspire ‘Little Entrepreneurs’ between 6-11 years old, for boys and girls, as well as a ‘shared present’ unisex appeal.

We all remember the little businesses we had when we were young.
Boss Box provides children the tools to make this journey bright, artistic, and engaging, giving them a confidence and ability that will benefit them in life

Our super Boss Box manual is fun and easy to follow and guides children through setting up business every step of the way. From making and packaging, to simple explanations and fun advice about pricing, selling, and marketing, as well as naming their little company.

Ignite the first sparks of entrepreneurship with these brilliant kits.

Teaching children the basic skills of entrepreneurship, at an early age, provides creativity, empathy, and passion to improve their ability in becoming future business leaders.

Boss Box products contain everything needed to start a business in a just few hours:

1. ‘BOSS BOX Manual’ - a clear step-by-step guide to the whole process.

2. ‘Make’ - all the ingredients to make the product. 

3. ‘Package & Pricing’ - everything needed to package & price the product.   

4. ‘Sell’ - Marketing advice and materials such as flyers, to give to friends, family & neighbours (encouraging them to support young entrepreneurs). 

Our bright and fun products are designed to help children manage themselves, the situation and people around them; key entrepreneurial and life skills.