Inside a Boss Box

Items included in a Cake Pop Business Creation Kit: 
    • Easy to follow step-by-step instruction manual that guides children every step of the way. From detailed instructions of how to make and package their product, naming their company, how to fill in their marketing flyers, it’s all simply and comprehensively covered.
    • All the ingredients required to make 30 Cake Pops, 10 products that include 3 Cake Pops each. Cake mix, Chocolate, Sprinkles, and Icing sugar.
    • 30 Pop sticks.
    • 30 Individual pop cake bags.
    • 30 Colourful string ties.
    • 10 Bright gift tags.
    • 10 Cake Pop flyers to market their business.
    • 10 Cake Pop thank you notes, which lets them write a little ‘thank you’ for taking the time to be a customer - a good old fashioned thank you is always welcome :)